Printed Covers for USB & DVD Drives at Competitive Prices


    With medical data getting digitised, healthcare professionals need high-quality and cost-effective printed covers for USBs and DVDs.

    These covers are an excellent way to protect fragile USBs and DVDs and ensure that vital data is not lost. Get the cover custom-printed with your logo and contact information at Luxford Print.

    Standard Specifications Size: CDR (700MB), DVDR (4.7GB or 8.5GB) Stock: CDR or DVDR Colour: Non printed, single colour to multi-colour

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    Professionally Printed Covers for DVDs and USB Drives

    Luxford Print is a 30 years old printing company specialising in supplying printed covers for DVDs and USB drives. Throughout our journey, we have focused on delivering trustworthy, technological advanced, creative printing solutions for industry professionals. At Luxford Print, we deliver top-notch and economical printing solutions within the quickest turnaround time.

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