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    Luxford Print offers a large range of products & services including design to print, finishing, binding, warehousing and distribution. With the continual expansion of in-house capabilities, we are able to maintain control of production and ensure nothing escapes the watchful eye of our quality control manager.

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    World-Class Medical Printing Solutions

    Personalised Address Labels

    personalised address labels printing


    Add a professional touch to your outbound mail with personalised address stickers. Luxford Print, with years of experience, offers top-notch and supreme quality personalised address label printing services across Sydney.

    Address Labels Printing Services For Effective Brand Story

    Our personalised address stickers add an elegant and personalised touch to all vital mails, from general communications to medical reports. Our sticky labels with your personalised addresses with your logo help you build a strong brand identity in the competitive market.

    X Ray Envelopes


    X-ray envelopes are an excellent way to keep x-rays safe from exposure to light. Get a custom-printed envelope with your logo, contact information and other details to get the most out of them. Contact Luxford Print for comprehensive x-ray envelope printing services. 

    Standard Specifications Size: Large: 445mm x 365mm Small: 315mm x 265mm Stock: Heavyweight coated (200gsm) Lightweight uncoated (150gsm) Colour: Single colour to multi-colour

    Referral Pads & Sheets


    Referral note pads make an excellent marketing tool for medical practitioners to bring in more patients. However, often medical referral pads end up as run-of-the-mill stationery that serves no purpose. Contact Luxford Print to check out our wide variety of referral pads.

    Standard Specifications Size: A4 or A5 Stock: 90gsm-110gsm bond Colour: Single colour to multi-colour Finish: Either 50 or 100 sheets per pad with backing board

    Patient Address Labels


    When it comes to patient address label printing, impeccable quality and turnaround time have a crucial role. However, finding an experienced printing company for getting cohesive and personalised address labels can be time-consuming.

    If you are looking for a service provider who can take care of your patient address label printing, contact Luxford Print.

    Standard Specifications Size: A4 or A5 Stock: 90gsm with glycerine paperbacking Colour: Non printed or single colour to multi-colour Finish: Box of 500

    CD’s/DVD’s/USB’s/Printed Covers


    With medical data getting digitised, healthcare professionals need high-quality and cost-effective printed covers for USBs and DVDs.

    These covers are an excellent way to protect fragile USBs and DVDs and ensure that vital data is not lost. Get the cover custom-printed with your logo and contact information at Luxford Print.

    Standard Specifications Size: CDR (700MB), DVDR (4.7GB or 8.5GB) Stock: CDR or DVDR Colour: Non printed, single colour to multi-colour

    Appointment Cards Printing

    Dental Appointment Cards


    A missed appointment costs the medical practitioner time and money and hinders the patient’s regular course of treatment. Solve this problem by getting supreme-quality and custom made medical appointment cards.

    These cards offer a convenient means to keep track of every appointment, so patients and medical practitioners are on the same page. If you are wondering where to find a reliable service provider for appointment card printing, contact Luxford Print.

    Standard Specifications Size: 89mm x 54mm Stock: 310gsm or 350gsm Colour: Single colour to multi-colour

    Medical Report Letterhead


    Writing prescriptions or medical reports on a simple paper doesn’t leave a great impression and could land you in legal trouble. Get in touch with a reliable company for supreme quality medical report printing services.

    Standard Specifications Size: A4 Stock: 90gsm-110gsm bond Colour: Single colour to multi-colour Finish: Reams of 500 sheets

    Medical Forms

    medical forms


    Gathering detailed medical information from patients ensures effective diagnosis and treatment during and after their hospital stay. It is here that medical forms have an important role to play – a doctor can quickly access the collected information, which ensures quick treatment.

    If you have been wondering where to find a reliable and budget-friendly medical form printing service, Luxford Print has got the answer.

    Create Effective And Affordable Marketing Materials With Luxford Print



    Printed on a variety of matt or gloss stock with finishes that include; coated, uncoated, flat and folded.

    Standard Specifications Size: A4, A5, DL & custom sized on request Stock: 90gsm-170gsm gloss, matt or uncoated Colour: Single colour to multi-colour



    At Luxford Print, we can print your brochures on a wide variety of stock with a range of finishes for maximum impact. We even do Spot varnish and laminate to give your brochures a premium look and feel.

    Whether you’re looking for a simple glossy finish or something more luxurious, we can help you create the perfect brochure for your business across Sydney.

    Standard Specifications Size: A4, A5, DL, A4 folded to DL Stock: 130gsm-170gsm gloss, matt or satin Colour: Single colour to multi-colour


    Quality Booklets Printing
    Quality Booklets Printing


    At Luxford Print, we provide high-quality booklet printing services in Australia. Our creative and experienced team will work with you to produce a stunning printed product that meets your specific needs and requirements.

    Whether you’re looking for a small range of booklets for a local event or a large-scale print project, we can help!

    Standard Specifications Size: A3, A4, A5 Stock: 90gsm-170gsm coated stocks of matt, gloss or bond Colour: Single colour to multi-colour Finish: Saddle stitched, perfect bound, metal/wire bound, plastic/comb bound


    catalogues printing


    Looking for top-quality catalogue printing services in Sydney, Australia? Look no further than Luxford Print! We print catalogues on a lightweight stock to keep postage costs down whilst maximising page count.

    Our catalogues are designed to be economical without compromising quality or finish. We use a variety of paper stocks and finishes to create a distinctive look for each client.

    Standard Specifications Size: A4 or DL Stock: 80gsm-115gsm Colour: Single colour to multi-colour Finish: Saddle stitched or perfect bound into booklets

    Banner – Retractable

    retractable banners printing


    Luxford Print is a well-known banner printing company that offers high-quality, custom banner printing services. We have a wide range of sizes, shapes, and materials to choose from, so you can find the perfect banner for your needs.

    Standard Specifications Size: 2000mm high x 850mm wide Stock: Eco-friendly UV, scratch resistant material Colour: Multi-colour, high resolution print Finish: Black or silver aluminium base with a handy black carry bag

    Banner – Outdoor Vinyl

    outdoor vinyl banner printing


    Outdoor vinyl banner printing by Luxford Print is the perfect way to get your message across. Our high-quality vinyl banner printing services will ensure that your banner looks great and lasts for a long time. Our knowledgeable staff can help you design the perfect banner for your needs.

    At Luxford Print, we use the latest printing technology to produce stunning banners that are perfect for street signage, sporting events and fence advertising.

    Standard Specifications Size: Standard plus custom sized Stock: Heavy duty 450gsm vinyl Colour: Multi-colour, high resolution print Finish: Available with ropes and eyelets, printed single sided or double sided

    Business Stationery Printing Services

    Business Cards


    When it comes to connecting with other professionals, business cards prove immensely beneficial. Printing business cards in Sydney serve as a means of speaking to your clients. Design a professional card that reflects your professional image.

    Get cheap business cards online in Australia to market your business effectively. Personalised business cards work as your representative to share and hold a recall with all clients.

    Standard Specifications Size: 89mmx 54mm Stock: 300gsm-450gsm high bulk stock which include: matt, gloss and textured Colour: Single colour to multi-colour Finish: Foil, spot UV/raised spot UV, laminate, scoring and round corners


    letterhead printing
    letterhead printing


    Professional letterhead printing solutions in Sydney and Australia which prove beneficial when it comes to upgrading your company’s brand recall. Widely used to communicate in the business world, it can attract your customers both online and offline. Get an impressive letterhead for casting an excellent professional impression and earn success call back to the brand to generate future opportunities.

    Design an impressive letterhead containing all pertinent information for all documents — company name and logo, contact details, address and social media links. It shows that the printed information and documents are genuine and credible.

    Standard Specifications Size: A4 Stock: 90gsm-120gsm bond or custom stocks Colour: Single colour to multi-colour Finish: Reams of 500 sheets

    Note Pads/Desk Pads

    Print Custom Note Pads/Desk Pads
    Print Custom Note Pads/Desk Pads


    Businesses are always looking for affordable yet effective means of marketing. Personalised notepad printing services in Australia are one of the most effective means to keep your brand name at the top of the mind among your prospective and current clients.

    At Luxford Print, our experts strive to maximise ROI (return on investment) by marketing your brand through artistically printed notepad.

    Standard Specifications Size: A2, A3, A4, A5, A6, DL Stock: 90gsm-100gsm bond Colour: Single colour to multi-colour Finish: 30, 50 or 100 sheets per pad with backing board

    Carbonless Books

    Print Custom Carbonless Books for quotation and invoices
    Print Custom Carbonless Books for quotation and invoices


    Professionally personalised solutions serve as an affordable option to increase sales and generate revenue.

    With carbonless invoice book printing services you get mess-free invoice books for daily use. By eliminating the traditional use of carbon paper, it offers an impressive way of keeping clear and accurate records. 

    Standard Specifications Size: A4, A5, A6, DL and custom sized Stock: Premium grade NCR Carbonless paper 60gsm-80gsm and 158gsm CF Tag board in a colour range of white, yellow, green, blue and pink Colour: Single colour to multi-colour and on request, desensitizing panels Finish: Hard cover croc board in colours red, green, blue and grey or fan-apart soft covers


    Custom Printed Envelopes


    In most situations, it is the little things that offer effective brand presentation and excellent offline marketing.

    Professional envelope printing services offering tailored solutions are one such tool. At Luxford Print, our experts use their creativity to help your company flourish significantly.

    Standard Specifications Size: DL, DLX, C4, C5 Stock: 80gsm-100gsm Colour: Single colour to multi-colour

    Labels & Stickers


    Product labels and stickers play a vital role in conveying information about the product. For creative and efficient sticker printing solutions in Sydney, contact Luxford Print. We ensure our products act as an essential marketing tool and facilitate product identification. 

    Our product labels and stickers can be designed to be compatible with automated commercial glueing & labelling machinery or can be hand applied for smaller applications. These are supplied to smaller businesses as well as major industries in;

    • Rolls
    • Sheets
    • Single labels
    • Pre-cut labels

    Standard Specifications Size: Pre-cut standard or custom sized Stock: Adhesive-multiple stocks to suit the required application including gloss, matt, paper, vinyl & pvc Non adhesive (gloss art) used for aerosol cans, paint tins & drums Colour: Single colour to multi-colour or blank Finish: Printed only or matt/gloss machine varnished, UV varnished or matt/gloss laminated

    Presentation Folders


    Folders commonly serve a functional use. Consult experts from Luxford Print to use it as a marketing tool.

    We strive to provide exceptional presentation folder printing solutions in and around Sydney for your business stationery items. With expert solutions, market your brand even within the short time span and brief conversations of trade shows. 

    Standard Specifications Size: 380mm x 465mm folded to 305mm x 225mm Stock: 300gsm-420gsm high bulk stock Colour: Single colour to multi-colour Finish: Matt/gloss laminated or varnished

    Plastic Bags


    Printing plastic bags for efficient product handling has emerged as a standard idea over time. Experts at Luxford Print suggest that the main idea behind eco-friendly tote bag printing is to market your company and create brand awareness.

    Standard Specifications Size: Large: 570mm x 455mm
    Small: 457mm x 565mm Stock: 70 micron opaque, white or clear HDPE Colour: Single colour to multi-colour

    Graphic Design

    custom printing


    Professional graphic design solution providers are known to breathe life into your advertisements and other marketing efforts. At Luxford Print, our expert designers strive to offer solutions that attract prospective clients and inform them about you and your brand while facilitating conversion through effective design.

    Our design studio is fully equipped with the latest design tools, technology, software and devices and staffed with trade certified designers. We have the in-house capacity to help you with any artwork from logo design and corporate identity to marketing material and advertising.

    • Prepress or print preparation of your supplied graphics
    • Brand identity and design
    • Creative design of promotional and presentation material
    • Custom graphics and logo design
    • Print, email and web friendly

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