Carbonless Books

Print Custom Carbonless Books for quotation and invoices
Print Custom Carbonless Books for quotation and invoices

Used in the everyday use of record keeping and accounting. Common examples of customised carbonless books, pads and sets include:
Tax invoice
Delivery docket
Truck log/run
Purchase order
These are completed by stapling into books, glued into pads or fan-apart into individual sets in either duplicate, triplicate or quadruplicate. On request, numbering, perforating or drilling for ring binders is available.

Standard Specifications Size: A4, A5, A6, DL and custom sized Stock: Premium grade NCR Carbonless paper 60gsm-80gsm and 158gsm CF Tag board in a colour range of white, yellow, green, blue and pink Colour: Single colour to multi-colour and on request, desensitizing panels Finish: Hard cover croc board in colours red, green, blue and grey or fan-apart soft covers

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